You can use the PrintStones process to fabricate cement based components of any shape, color and texture directly on the construction site. This eliminates both transport routes and costs for the installation of the parts. In addition, the PrintStones manufacturing process reduces CO2 and particulate pollution during construction. Particularly designed for the production of pressure-stressed components in the civil engineering segment.

Our off-site printing service offers you new design possibilities for concrete elements from a minimum order of just one copy. We deliver concrete goods up to 30kg to Germany and Austria free of charge. After submitting the design request we will print your element "on-demand". The printed concrete bodies can be hollow, full or with an infill structure. For more information and orders please visit our shop.

If you got a brilliant design idea, let’s bring it to life together. Doesn’t matter if you just got a napkin sketch or a 3D model, our design team will assist you on every step from modeling through CAD developing and to 3d printing and optimizing. Just drop us a line to learn more about the possibilities.

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