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In order to avoid having disappointed and dissatisfied customers, PrintStones puts a lot of effort and attention when producing products. Nevertheless, in case of unexpected omissions, each product PrintStones creates is followed with a one-year warranty claim. In this way, PrintStones tries to overcome the negative impression that may appear if the product that was ordered is not suitable for its primary usage. Warranty claim covers every damage appeared on the product that is showing it is not resilient to outdoor and indoor conditions to which it should be. It does not cover breakages made by various clumsiness. Damaged product would be individually produced and cured for you within five days after the complaint.


All products are insured during the transportation process and a customer does not have the responsibility for any kind of damage made to the product while being delivered. The delivery time is ten days, but it may slightly vary due to the unpredicted circumstances. In those cases, we kindly ask customers to be patient, because everything that is being done in the meantime is for their benefit.


All kinds of cards are accepted, as well as PayPal and Sofort. 


If you want to become a part of our family and give us a hand when creating or delivering these special items, we would be honoured to hear your possible suggestions and to meet you. Also, if you are a retailer,  interested in having one of our eye-catching products in the portfolio and thus attract customers who are looking for extraordinary products, contact us for details on the following email -


PrintStones sincerely believes that mass media could play an important role when it comes to raising awareness about its unusually designed products. Therefore, if you think this project is worth paying attention to and you can support us in the previously mentioned way, please do not hesitate to contact us on the following address -


Additionally, if you are interested, on the following link ( you could find some more thorough information about PrintStones and its general work and innovations within the field of precast concrete construction industry.